The Village of l’Herbe – North of Arcachon basin

Like its neighbouring commune, Le Canon, l’Herbe is one of the most popular sites in the Basin.

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This tiny village of traditional oyster fishermen, like Le Canon, is very different from other oyster ports, and it is because of its architecture. Shacks very close to each other, so close that you could almost touch two shacks at the same time, and to access them, a real maze of alleys that sometimes become even more narrow because of the flowery plantations that nibble on the passage. It’s like being in a doll’s village, or a fairy tale.

To protect yourself from the sun in summer, there are no common awnings, but boat sails that simply inflate with the wind.

But, despite this appearance, l’Herbe is a very active village. There are many professionals there, and in many huts, oyster tasting is offered.

You can also enjoy the small beaches protected from the waves, where tranquility is guaranteed, with the added scents of iodine and seaweed.

You can contemplate the village of l’Herbe from the top of the cornice, reaching it by the stairs provided for this purpose, and from there, in addition to the village overhanging, the Dune du Pilat opposite and the entrance of the Basin on your right, offers a panorama of great beauty.

Not far from there, a small visit is recommended: the Chapel of the Algerian Villa.

Built in 1885, it is the only remaining vestige of the immense estate.

For the history: The Chapel you can visit is of a very oriental style, built by Léon LESCA, architect who participated in the construction of the port of Algiers. Back in France, he bought with his brother a huge estate on the Ferret peninsula, where they built a magnificent Villa, in the style of the ChapelMr LESCA was a great innovator: implantation of the mimosa, creation of the fish tanks in Piraillan, construction of the Bélisaire pier. The domain had a personal pier where the sailors of Arcachon came to dock to buy the mimosa in order to sell it.

Catherine Migeon