Come and discover this hidden gem. An island, located in the midst of Arcachon Basin, covering over 600 acres at low tide and just under 100 acres at high tide.

Here’s a little history on the island:

Initially a sand bank, the people of the basin used the island as a place for grazing cows and horses. The animals gained access by swimming from Petit Piquey, Grand Piquey at the now well-known ‘Pointe aux Chevaux’ (Point of the Horses).

The end of the XVIII (Eighteenth) century saw numerous storms submerging the island and killing all horses and cattle.

The mud, having reemerged, became a place for hunting and fishing. Two ‘Tchanquées’ (The gascon word meaning ‘stilted’) cabins were built. These two cabins feature on the tour and have become symbol of Arcachon Basin.

The boat ride on the Mermousse, our classic boat, will enable you to discover the rural calm that serves as home to many nest-making birds.

After all this, don’t be too hasty to return, the sunsets on the basin are exceptional.

A conclusion of the afternoon, spent around a small barbecue, topped off by fiery colours of the sunset, are sure to leave your eyes thrilled and your soul relaxed.

A remedy for your welfare.

Catherine Migeon