Andernos was a Gallo-Roman village destroyed by the barbarian invasions, you can see the remains next to the church of Saint Eloi, an 11th century church, resting place for the pilgrims of Compostela. A very beautiful small church whose main gate opens onto the very beautiful view of the Arcachon Basin. It is located near the oyster port.

Andernos, which has become a seaside resort in the Arcachon Basin, is full of historical treasures.

It is here that the famous Sarah Bernhardt, a theatre actress, came to rest during the First World War, apparently staying there until 1917. The playwright Henri Cain, allowed her to settle in his villa, the “Eureka” to find peace and rest.

The villa “Ignota” built at the end of the 19th century, is located near the city centre. It was property of Louis Theodore David, then mayor of Andernos, and when he died, the villa was abandoned. Restored by the municipality, it has become the Louis David House, Andernos’ cultural centre, with its permanent museum where you can find all the remnants found on the Gallo-Roman site, as well as various exhibitions of painting or sculpture according to the calendar.

Not far from the Louis David house, head towards the pier, and walk along this 232-metre long overhang (the longest pier in Europe). Once you reach its end you can contemplate on one side the bird island with its cabins tchanquées, and on the other side the entrance to the Arcachon basin.

You can also see the many beaches offered by the coastline, that range from the oyster port of Andernos to the town of Lanton. A path along the coast leads to beaches such as Quinconces, St Brice beach, one of the most untouched in the basin. South of Andernos is the famous Betey beach, much appreciated by families thanks to its environment, its pine woods and its playground for children. A small constraint despite everything, we have to wait for the tides to rise in order to be able to wade. It is an ideal place for children because they are on a gentle slope, and therefore safe.

The oyster farm port of Andernos, with its 45 huts, each more colourful than the next, welcomes about thirty oyster farming professionals and about ten fishing professionals. There is even a market with the characteristic fish of the Basin: sole, bass, mullets, sea bream, cuttlefish.

On the docks on either side of the port you will find many traditional restaurants, such as “Chez Eliette”, known as a simple and friendly restaurant, “La Parqueuse”, “L’Esquirey”, “L’Huître du Boucher”, hut 88/89 “Chez Franck” where the tastings are of the highest quality.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit these small restaurants to taste the wonders of the Basin

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