The Canon is situated on the Cap-Ferret peninsula between Piquey and L’Herbe, small typical oyster farming villages.

This village, built in the middle of the 19th century owes its name to a naval cannon discovered on the beach, remnants of past wars with the British.

Mainly an oyster farming village, whose huts are a delight to the eyes both for their shimmering colours and the abundance of flowers in all open spaces. The main street, ‘la rue Sainte Catherine’ is the favourite promenade for its visitors as well as many painters who come to capture the stunning scenes.

You will discover the small, calm and sunny beaches with such views as the Pilat dune on the opposite bank. At your disposition, cycle paths lead to either the ocean, where swimming is more wild, or the town of Cap-Ferret where you can visit the lighthouse.

Do not leave without taking a walk down the Canon pier, from where you can see the ‘île aux oiseaux’ (bird island). Another world of the Basin that you will be able to discover during another visit.

The town is not only so loved by its visitors for its authenticity, but appreciated by the “veilers” who come every 15th of August with their pinnaces, their sailboats, and their Arcachon monotypes to compete in beautiful regattas, celebrate and taste the oysters without moderation.

Catherine Migeon