A journey down the river Leyre (anciently ‘Eira en Gascon’) yields an unimaginable scenic experience.

The Leyre, born in the department of Landes, is an estuary of the Arcachon Bay, this natural feat is a sight one must experience for himself.

At high tide Marcelo, with his classic 80 years old boat, offers a boat ride stretching the river and finishing at the port of the Teich, a commune made famous by its immense ornithological park. No matter where you lay your eyes, you will be amazed by the incredible contrasting views. On the left shore, one sights the bay of fishes, the species of gathered birds; ducks, water hens, coots, swans, cormorants, seagulls, and even a great colony of storks who return each year to nest in their specially designed nests.

The right shore is bordered by reeds and gorse, such shrubbery that one can barely make out the hidden landscape behind. A hunting reserve, but also a playground for many horses who liberally parade each day.

You will be charmed by this place; so calm, so quiet. You’ll be amazed by its magic colours. The softest and most pleasant sound to ears, the birds’ songs, will serve as a departing after-thought.

Catherine Migeon